Recording Sounds

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be doing lots of sound recording just using our phones or tablets and a pair of headphones.

I’m going to suggest that we all use a free app called Lexis Audio Editor, as you can get it for any phone or tablet. Before you download the app, make sure and check with whoever pays the bill! It is free, but it’s always good to check with them first.

Open up your app store and search for “Lexis Audio Editor”. The logo should be…

Lexis Audio Editor Logo                                                  

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just have a watch of the following video, which should cover all the basics you need to get started.

This video will show you how to…

  • Open the app
  • Get started recording your first sounds
  • Save your recordings and send them to Richy

Some questions to help you start…

  • What does your home sound like?
    • Try walking round your house holding your phone/tablet near things, 
      normally quiet things are much louder through microphones.
    • Where’s the loudest part of your home, what makes all the noise there?
    • Where’s the quietest part of your home, can you still faintly hear things even there?
  • What does outside your home sound like? 
    • If you’re outside to visit the shops or taking a walk, what are you hearing? Try just walking with the microphone recording and listening.
  • Is there anything that sounds different now than it did before the lockdown?
    • Think of the things that you think have changed since lockdown, it can be for good or bad. Can you record the sounds of those things?
  • What is the strangest sound you can find?

Once you’ve got some recordings, remember to email them to so that Richy can hear them and start to think about the kinds of sounds we are collecting.

Remember, you can message us any time to ask questions, or share ideas for the project by emailing

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