Pilot Episodes

In Spring 2020 composer Richy Carey was invited by Collective, Edinburgh to create a collaborative arts project with young people from Edinburgh Young Carers. The project was due to start just as the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented across Scotland.

Instead of meeting together in real life, Richy and the group began to meet weekly throughout lockdown to create some Sci-Fi radio plays using only our phones to record sounds.

We developed a small library of Sci-Fi books and little microphones we could plug in to our phones which we shared amongst ourselves, and started creating characters and worlds which seemed to speak to some of the environmental and societal concerns we were all thinking about at the time.

It was from this that the idea of Wild Tracks Radio came, an open collective of storywriters, sound artists, field recordists and actors, with everyone doing a bit of everything. We make experimental Sci-Fi radio plays together, where you can hear the stories we’ve imagined as well as the ways we came to imagine them.

We’re interested in creating new stories with new communities too, sharing what we’ve been learning about listening along the way.

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