Our activity this week is to write and record our scripts for our radio play, then to start planning the kinds of sounds that will illustrate these places.

An outline of the plot so far…

  • Each of us/our characters is a scientist (?) from a different world. We’ve all been working separately on a teleportation device (or a communication device?) for our home world.
  • When we started up our teleportation/communication devices something went disastrously wrong and were transported to a strange new world – we only have our sound recording devices to record what we are experiencing – so we make reports as to what we see and more importantly, what we are hearing around us in these worlds.
  • Each time we try and use our teleportation/communication device to get back home it transports us to another world.
  • Eventually we are all transported to the same place (maybe this is a big empty space where we can’t see anything or hear anything, only the sounds of each other’s voices?) and we figure out that to get back to our homes we have to combine our transportation/communication devices together.
  • We start up our teleportation / communication devices and then…. (end on a mysterious ending?)

This week’s activities are on the next few pages, they are;

  1. A space to write in some more ideas for our story, anything goes there, whatever is in your imagination!
  2. A script writing exercise, I’ve started the sentences and you fill them in with your own stories.
  3. You then record your sentences, either in one recording or in little sections, and send them to us – you don’t need to read from a script if it’s easier to just make it up
  4. There’s a space to then think about the kinds of sounds you want to collect to colour in the world you’re describing. We can use sounds you’ve already collected, or you can add other ones you’d like to collect and put them there to remind you.
  5. If you have time this week to collect those sounds as well and send them that’d be brilliant, but it’s fine if that’s too much work, we can do it next week too.

Here’s a video walkthrough of it.

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