Looking Different

This first exercise is about helping us imagine different ways of thinking about spaces. 

You’re going to need…

  • A phone/tablet that can take photos.
  • The little LEGO person from the pack we’re sending out.
  • Maybe some blu-tack or something else sticky.
  • Some time to play around.

This video should show you all the steps for this week’s activity.

Step 1.             

Take your little LEGO person out, you can give them a name if you want – the more sci-fi sounding the better.

Imagine your LEGO person has just teleported/time travelled into your home. Somehow, using blu-tack or something else sticky, they’re able to stand on walls or windows or upside down on ceilings, or any surface they can stick to.

Using our camera/tablet phones, and playing with the new lenses from the pack we sent, find out what your home looks like from their perspective. Hold the camera really close to the LEGO person and take photos of the different places you put them. Try and find new ways of seeing your space.

Step 2.             

Choose your 3 favourite photos, maybe show them to someone in your house and have a chat with them about what they think the space in the picture looks like it could be too. 

Could this picture be part of a story?

Step 3.             

Could you describe what the LEGO person is seeing, but without using any of the names of the things in the picture? 

Imagine you were them, having just appeared in the world in that photograph. What do you see? What are the shapes and colours and textures in front of you? How would you describe it to someone to someone who had never seen your world?

Make a recording, using the Lexis Audio app, of you describing these spaces.

Step 4.             

Send the pictures, and the descriptions, to us over email at wildtracksEYC@gmail.com

When we meet up next time we can share our favourite ones with each other.

Remember if you’ve any questions or ideas for the project, you can email us at any time.

Have fun and be weird. 


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