Activity 3 | Interviews

This activity is one we can fit in at a time that suits you guys. Basically, we just want to have a really short (less than 10 minute) interview with you about your characters and their home world.

Activity time – 15 minutes.

You will need…

  • Your field recording kit.
  • A phone or tablet/laptop and Zoom.

Richy will send you some questions about your characters and home worlds in advance, so that you have a bit of time to think about your answers.

We’ll find a time that suits you, and we’ll meet up on Zoom.

Before we meet, set your field recording kit up and maybe our Directors (Moira and Khadea) can be the sound engineers. I’ll ask you some questions over zoom and your Director will record your answers on the field recorder.

Once we’re happy we’ve got everything we need, transfer your files to your computer then upload them to the padlet by going to > Episode 1 > Files.

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