Wild Tracks are collective interested in sounds and sci-fi, who work together to explore our surroundings through field recording, story writing and soundtrack making – through listening and responding.

Wild Tracks focuses on listening as a way of re-imagining our world with our attention on having fun with field recording and being creative with what we find. We play games, collect sounds and write sci-fi stories inspired by what we hear – before making radio plays about the characters and worlds we’ve imagined – filled with the sounds we’ve recorded.

You can use this site to listen to some of our radio plays and to find out more about how we made each episode. There’s also a library, where you can download some of our field recordings for your own projects, or borrow some of our favourite sci-fi books and easy-to-use microphones.

Wild Track

waɪld træk
a soundtrack recorded other than with a synchronised picture, usually carrying sound effects, random dialogue, etc.

Wild Tracks are the sounds that are collected outside the frame in filmmaking, when the cameras aren’t rolling – non-synchronous sounds that give context to what we see. 

Wild Tracks at Radiophrenia 2020

We’re very excited to announce that Radiophrenia – Scotland’s most exciting experimental radio station – will be broadcasting the premiere of two of our Wild Tracks; Under Okta in Peril by Tara and Rona, and Water Walkers by Jamal and Khiana.

Radiophrenia will be broadcasting 24-hours a day between the 9th – 22nd November, 2020. Our first two Wild Tracks episodes – Water Walkers and Under Okta in Peril will be broadcast at 12:30pm on Sunday 15th November.

Tune in to 87.9FM if you’re in Glasgow or listen through the website.

Wild Tracks on the BBC

Now & Next - LUX Scotland

In other excited news, Wild Tracks have been commissioned by BBC Arts and LUX Scotland, as part of their Now & Next 2020 programme, to create a new episode of Wild Tracks Radio!

We’ll keep you updated on when and where it’ll be broadcast – but take a look through our Episode 1 pages to see how we made it.